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It's time to leap into your next adventure.

From rock climbing to wakeboarding, live your passion by securing an outdoor job abroad.

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Outdoor Jobs Abroad Guide

Unlock the excitement of an adventurous outdoor job abroad that lets you connect with nature and work outdoors, turning a boring 9-5 life into a daily exhilarating journey.

There's nothing quite like getting paid to enjoy the outdoors. You get to keep active, embrace the elements, and do something you love, making Mother Nature your true employer.

Whether you're passionate about rock climbing, outdoor education, or anything in between, carve your path in this fulfilling career where personal growth thrives. It welcomes beginners and experienced individuals to shape their own unique outdoor stories.

Do I need experience for an outdoor job abroad?

This depends on the outdoor job abroad. If you apply to be a powerboat driver at summer camp, you’ll need your PYA Level 2 Powerboat Qualification or equivalent, as you’ll operate heavy machinery. However, other outdoor education jobs abroad may not require experience, so research first.

Are outdoor jobs abroad fun?

If you love being outdoors and are passionate about an activity, outdoor education jobs abroad are the perfect next step. You’ll spend time doing something you love whilst inspiring the next generation into a hobby. Being outdoors is the ideal way to enjoy a season abroad.

Where can I get an outdoor job abroad?

Mother Nature has no boundaries, so you'll find outdoor jobs abroad worldwide. Summer camps are found in incredible environments, whilst places like New Zealand have outdoor education jobs abroad on the ski slopes. Wherever you'd like to go, you'll find somewhere outside to fall in love with.

What types of outdoor jobs abroad are there?

There are outdoor jobs abroad globally, depending on your chosen role. A major source of outdoor jobs abroad is summer camp with Activity Specialist roles. These span from being a Football Coach to a Waterski instructor, meaning you can secure your dream outdoor education job abroad.


Are there outdoor activity roles available outside of sport?


There are a huge range of different roles at camp, with superstars needed for all types of outdoor education roles.

Whether you love the water and want to be a watersports instructor or lifeguard, or if you love camping and you wish to teach outdoor cooking, we would love to hear from you.

You can find more information about this on our Outdoor Jobs page here.

How do I get a job working outdoors and in nature?

Working outdoors is perfect for those with lots of energy and a passion for nature.

By understanding the area in which you think you'd like to contribute, it makes it much easier to find jobs that align to it.

So, if you're a keen camper, you could become a Camping Trip leader.

Love cooking? Then an Outdoor Cooking role could be perfect for you.

Love sport and play it constantly? Then being an activity specialist is the way to go.

Whatever your area or passion is, we guarantee there'll be a role out there for you.

Can my adventure job lead on to an outdoor career?


By working an adventurous job such as being an Outdoor Instructor at summer camp, you're gaining vital skills and experience in within an industry you love.

You'll be gaining key qualifications, whether that be in health and safety or in technical proficiency, alongside valuable, real-life experience.

These things you're able to take on to your next active job and really start building your outdoor career.

In fact, many summer camp staff have then gone on to forge out a career in a particular industry, based on their experience at camp.

So if you're wondering whether to take that adventure job; this is a sign to do so.

Do I need to have experience for an outdoor job?

Experience in a similar role is beneficial, but not essential.

The main thing we're looking for is passionate, energetic and driven people, who are looking to learn.

You will, however, have to have a passion and interest in your chosen activity.

Being involved in it as a hobby or a pastime is important, as you'll have to pass over your energy for it to the campers.

But don't worry; when you arrive at summer camp, you'll have a full training period, where you'll get more thoroughly involved in the activity.

Here, the summer camp can make sure you get up to a certain standard, through practice, practice, practice!

You'll also gain relevant qualifications and advice from your team leaders on how to instruct, so you can go from 0-100 real quickly!

What is an outdoor instructor?

Outdoor instructors help lead, teach, and instruct people through specific outdoor activities.

It can span a whole array of areas, from sports through to outdoor cooking, with the main aim to ensure that the people you look after have fun, learn, and are safe.

You'll need to have a passion for the outdoor job you are in, and translate that passion and energy to the campers.

Outdoor instructors have a huge influence on the campers enjoyment of the outdoor activity and could have a massive affect on whether they take up or continue with it after summer camp.

It's a fantastic opportunity to be a positive impact on young peoples' lives.

What jobs involve being outdoors?

Summer camp has one of the biggest selection of outdoor jobs anywhere in the world.

From major sports, through to niche activities, summer camps across America, Canada, and China are all searching for specialist superstars who are looking for adventure jobs abroad.

If you have an outdoor hobby, it will be available in a role.

You don't even need to have a formal background or education in a similar role, as summer camps are looking for the right candidates who are passionate in their activity and are determined to learn.

Not only will you get an outdoor job in something you love, but you will leave with full training and experience, which you can take on to further your outdoor career.