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Experience the summer of a lifetime at camp.

Summer camp jobs abroad are a life-changing opportunity to make a positive impact on the next generation.

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Activity Specialist, Camp Counselor, Support


USA, Canada, and China

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The Summer Camp Jobs Guide

Summer camp is essential to North American culture and has now become engrained worldwide.

What was once reserved for feel-good films has now become a global opportunity for international staff, which hundreds of thousands do every year (and have done for nearly half a century). A summer camp job abroad earns you money and connects you with like-minded friends for post-camp adventures.

Whether summer camp in Americasummer camp in Canada, or even summer camp in China, this opportunity allows you to shape your perfect summer, making a lasting impact on the children you lead and creating unforgettable memories for both them and you.

Do I have to be a student to get summer camp jobs abroad?

You don’t have to be a student to get summer camp jobs abroad. What’s amazing about summer camp is the mix of people from different backgrounds, students or otherwise. In fact, summer camp in America has no age limit, meaning it is open to anyone who wants to make an impact.

How long are summer camp jobs abroad?

Summer camp jobs abroad last most of the summer, so reserve at least 3 months for it. This covers you arriving at summer camps abroad for any training, the duration of your camp contract (usually between 8-12 weeks), and a month or so should you wish to travel afterwards.

Which countries have summer camp jobs abroad?

Summer camp in America has been going on for generations, and its popularity has spread worldwide. Countries such as Canada and China now have summer camp communities, meaning that it’s a job that could take you worldwide summer after summer should you want to.

How do I get a summer camp job abroad?

Summer camp jobs abroad are landed through a summer camp job agency in the country you’re applying. This is because they have links with the camps, visa sponsors, and have expert process knowledge. You’ll then go through the relevant application process to ensure your job suitability.


What countries have summer camps?

Summer camps have long been a central part of American culture, but inspiring the next generation of campers is not limited to one country.

These days, you can find summer camps in lots of countrys around the world.

From our considerable experience, we've built up trusted links with quality summer camps over a number years and across numerous countries.

They include:

  • Summer Camps in America with Camp Leaders
  • Summer camps in Canada with Camp Canada
  • Summer camps in China with Adventure China

The great thing is the fact there's something for everyone, no matter what summer adventure you're looking for.

What does a summer camp counselor do?

A camp counselor is one of the most important people at summer camp.

As a camp counselor, you'll be looking after the children, taking them from activity to activity, and being their active role model during their time at summer camp.

You'll be engaged on a day-to-day basis, meaning you can have an incredible impact over the entirety of the summer.

You'll form incredible links and create memories that will last a lifetime, as you help lead the children's dream summer camp with them.

What activities can be done at summer camp?

Just about everything!

If you're involved in a sport, hobby, or activity, it's super likely that we will have a summer camp looking to recruit for it.

It could be rock climbing, wakeboarding, outdoor cooking, water-skiing, golf, football, netball, tennis and quite literally anything else.

You name it, summer camp will have it.

If you're unsure if your favourite skill is one summer camps are looking for, drop us a message and we will happily talk through it with you.

How long is summer camp?

Summer camp dates can vary depending on which country/summer camp you place at.

The majority of summer camps run between June and August, which then allows you time to travel once you have finished work.

As a rough guideline, summer camp placements tend to be between 8-12 weeks, although it can be shorter or longer based on certain countries, camps, or situations.

It also makes for a fantastic summer job for students, as it fits perfectly between academic years.

Why should I work at a summer camp?

There are so many reasons why working at a summer camp next summer will benefit you. They include:

  • Make an impact
  • Do something you love
  • Be outdoors & active
  • Weather
  • Limitless travel
  • Gain experience
  • Budget-friendly
  • Earn money
  • Making new friends
  • In-between studies
  • Experience more of the world

Best of all, it'll be the summer of a lifetime.