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Volunteer to contribute to a better tomorrow, today.

Volunteering abroad provides important support to projects that need it, in communities that can thrive with the right input.

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Volunteering Abroad Guide

Volunteering abroad appeals to thoughtful, compassionate individuals driven to make a difference, embodying the potential for positive change in the world.

By choosing to volunteer abroad, you become a crucial part of supporting and empowering overseas communities, offering your contributions to projects that can thrive with the proper assistance.

With opportunities in Africa, Asia, and more, you can tailor your experience to align with your passion. Whether working with children, animals, the environment, or even in sports, you'll play your part in creating a better future.

How long are volunteer jobs abroad?

Volunteering jobs abroad vary in length, depending on the area. Working with children needs longer, as at a formative age, it’s crucial role models don’t come and go as children form attachments. However, other volunteer abroad roles, such as helping build projects, may finish as the project does.

What types of volunteering jobs abroad are there?

There are countless volunteering jobs abroad, depending on your passion. Nursing is one where healthcare professionals can offer their knowledge and support. But there is also anything from sports coaching to animal welfare, meaning anyone can have an impact whilst volunteering abroad.

How do I get a volunteer job abroad?

The best way is through a volunteer agency. These agencies have built links with governments, areas, and volunteer projects, meaning they have the expert knowledge needed to facilitate volunteering jobs abroad. This is key, especially if you want to go to places you’re not familiar with.

What is volunteering abroad?

Volunteering abroad involves dedicating time and energy to helping a community or cause. It should be a cause close to your heart, as what you get is the rewarding sense of making a positive impact. To volunteer abroad can be challenging, but overcoming these challenges makes it special.

Volunteering Abroad Programs

Currently no program available for this work abroad category. Please check back again soon.


Can I travel after my volunteer project/on my days off?

You certainly can and for most volunteers, this is exactly what happens.

When they get to know their fellow volunteers, groups will head out together, with in-country teams knowing the best tour companies to go with, so you can have a safe and memorable time.

What is the volunteer accommodation like?

When booking your volunteer project, you'll have a choice of accommodation (availability permitting), which is of a good standard based on the local norm. The choices tend to be between:

Shared Volunteer/Staff House - Similar to a hostel style layout, you'll be staying in 4-6 bed rooms, with a shared living room, kitchen, bathrooms etc, with your fellow volunteers. It's a great way to get to know not just the people you'll work with, but also volunteers at other projects.

Host Family - This is the quintessential volunteer experience, as you'd have your own room in a local host family, meaning you'd get to see the real country.

Your meals at these accommodations, unless otherwise stated, tend to be included.

WIFI is not as efficient as in Western countries (which is to be expected) but there's still ample chance to connect to the internet to keep in touch with family and friends whilst you volunteer abroad.

Do I need travel insurance?

In short; yes.

It's better to be safe than sorry and travel insurance provides that peace of mind when you are abroad.

What vaccinations do I need?

Vaccinations tend to be required, yet vary from country to country.

Although we can provide advice, your best course of action is go to a local travel doctor, who can suggest exactly what you need.

Note: The Yellow Fever vaccination is required to secure a visa to Ghana.

Do I need a visa to volunteer in these countries?

For all our destinations, a visa is needed.

However, some must be issued prior to departure, whilst some can be issued upon entry.

  • Ghana - Visa required in advance
  • South Africa - Available on entry (over 90 days requires a visa in advance)
  • Thailand - Available on entry (over 30 days requires visa in advance).

Our in-house team at Smaller Earth & RGV will happily talk you through the process, support you with any visa questions and can suggest the best way of getting it sorted.

Is there an age limit for volunteers?

You need to be above 18, however there is no upper age limit.

What documents do I need to volunteer abroad?

For most of the volunteer destinations, there are certain documents that we require at Smaller Earth to ensure that everyone is covered.

These include:

  • CV - This is to show your background so we can find how best to place you at the project.
  • Letter of Motivation - This is to display to Smaller Earth and the in-country project that you'd be the right person to volunteer.
  • Copy of Passport - A standard request for all placements.
  • Criminal Background Check - As you'll be working with animals or children in some capacity, it's important to have this. Smaller Earth can provide this service in-house.
  • Visa - If a visa is required for travel, such as to Ghana, a copy of this is required ahead of departure.
  • Proof of Travel Insurance - Make sure you're covered before flying.
  • Signed Code of Conduct - We require volunteers to sign our volunteer code of conduct, to ensure you still to the levels of behaviour expected of volunteers abroad.
Will I get free time off when I'm volunteering abroad?


Although you’ll be working hard to make a difference, there’s certainly time to enjoy the local area on your days off, and even more so after your placement is finished.

Most people will explore the local area at the weekends, which can mean anything from swimming in the ocean to chasing waterfalls.

Once the placement is finished, there’s time to explore the entire country, head out on a group tour, or go on your own adventures.