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Take ‘work hard, play hard’ to a whole new level this summer.

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Summer Jobs Abroad Guide

Summer jobs abroad offer chances to explore new destinations during the sunniest months, supplementing sea and sand with friendships and experiences.

These roles are perfect for those seeking a change of scenery, whether students on summer break from university or even those looking at getting away from your standard 9-5. Whoever you may be, summer jobs abroad are the perfect vehicle for change.

These summer opportunities embody 'work hard, play hard'. You'll face challenges in your role, whether at summer camps, in hospitality roles, or teaching English in classrooms. But each challenge overcome will make the incredible, life-changing experiences even sweeter, and your impact will last long beyond when the summer sun sets.

Can I stay longer than just the summer?

Certain visas will only allow you to work for your contract length, so speak to the relevant team for more info. However, should you go on a working holiday visa or the IEC in Canada, these will allow you longer stays of 12 months or more, meaning you can do an entire year at a destination.

Which countries are the best for summer jobs abroad?

America has long been the ‘original’ summer work and travel destination, but it’s certainly not the only one. Its neighbour, Canada, with its stunning environment and friendly locals, is just as appealing, whereas Asia is home to many destinations with summer jobs abroad.

What types of summer jobs abroad can I get?

The summer jobs abroad depend on your background. Summer camp starts in the summer, so there are countless summer jobs overseas for activity specialists and counsellors. Hospitality jobs are also everywhere for those who want to work at resorts in the summer, so the choice is yours.

Where can I get summer jobs overseas?

Summer jobs overseas get advertised a lot from the start of the year as destinations begin recruiting ahead of the season. As children go on school break or the weather gets nicer, there’s a huge demand for summer camp staff globally, so you’ll never be short of new destinations to try.


Where can I work in the summer?

Where do you want you want your summer work to be?!

We have programmes across the world, including America, Canada and China, but the decision is yours.

Would you like to have the famous American summer camp experience and make an incredible impact on children and young adults from around the world?

How about a summer camp job abroad with Camp Canada, where you'll work out in nature amongst some of the most breathtaking landscapes you've ever seen?

Or travel with Adventure China and immerse yourself in a summer camp job which blends a country's rich history with an incredible environment for one of the most unique summers possible?

If you've already done the summer camp experience and are looking for something different, we also have summer work job opportunities in teaching English abroad, or even hospitality work at 5 star resorts across America.

The world is quite literally your oyster!

When should I look for a summer job?

Preparation is key when it comes to securing a summer job abroad.

Although most of our programmes will still have some spaces left just as the season starts, most of the sought-after summer work jobs will be filled early.

All programmes are now accepting applicants so there's no time like the present to get started. It's also super important to allow yourself time to prepare everything else that you require, from visas to criminal background checks.

We're here to help you through the entire process, so you can focus solely on making a positive impression and look forward to your upcoming summer work abroad.

How can I get a summer job?

Simple - create an application to the program you're interested in, and fill in your profile with the activities and hobbies you love!

Summer jobs are available for those who want to do something they love.

Regardless of your qualification level within that field, people with the right can-do attitude and positive energy to their work will ensure kids have the best summer possible.

This is why summer camps are happy to train the right applicants up in their chosen roles!

So don't be afraid to shout about your chosen hobby from the rooftops and we'll help ensure you get your dream summer job abroad.

What is a summer job?

A summer job is your gateway to taking control and making sure you have the summer of a lifetime.

Running from approximately the start of June through to the middle/end of August, summer work abroad changes your mindset from "what if" to "what now?".

There are a variety of different destinations and a variety of different summer work roles within each, with many roles available through summer camp. Any sort of hobby is embraced and there will be a summer work role for. Rock climbing, drama production, arts and crafts and football are just a tiny number of potential summer work abroad opportunities available to you at summer camp.

Whether summer camp, volunteering, au-pairing or teaching English abroad, the opportunity to do what you love as a summer job abroad is waiting, you've just got to take it!