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The Ultimate Summer Job Abroad

Summer camp jobs abroad are a flexible, convenient way to work and travel - and they're also incredibly fun. You'll earn money and make awesome new friends to travel with on your days off or after camp. It's worth considering a summer camp job if you're looking to work abroad.

Types of Summer Camp Jobs

There's a summer camp job for everyone, no matter what your skills and interests are.

General Counselor Roles:

These do-it-all camp counselors spend their days hanging out with their small group of campers. They have the closest contact with the campers, and make a direct impact on the success of their summer.

Activity Specialist Roles:

If you're passionate about a specific activity, you'll be a great fit as an activity specialist. These roles vary greatly, so check to see if there's an activity at camp that might suit you well.

Support Staff:

These staff members might live behind the scenes, but they can be the difference between a good summer and a great one. Roles include kitchen staff, security, maintenance, office work, and more.

Roles can vary in each program, and often even by camp. It's worth looking into the many different types of roles on the specific program you're interested in.

Why Work at a Summer Camp?

Working at summer camp is a great intermediate-length travel option for the money-conscious traveller.

Sunny Weather:

You'll be working in a sunny destination for a minimum of 8 weeks, with lots of water activities to help you cool off. It's a popular flexible option for students on a tight schedule, nomadic gap year travellers who want to go where the wind blows them, and everyone in between.


Summer camp is also a good way to work and travel if you're on a bit of a tight budget. You'll have a home base to stay at, with food and accommodation provided, so you can save up almost everything you'll make from working at camp, as well as any money you already have in your account.

Limitless Travel:

Camp counselors can spend their days off checking out local landmarks, with lots of time after camp for travel. While some prefer to travel solo after camp, many counselors decide to travel in packs, and extend their summer with their awesome new mates.

What to Expect from Summer Camp
Work Type: Outdoor/Varied
Food Provided: Yes
Age Requirement: 18+
Accommodation Provided: Yes
Working Season: Summer
Flexible Timeframe: Yes (Minimum 8 weeks)
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Why Travel With a Summer Camp Agency?

Rather than have hundreds of applications piled on their desks, camp directors trust summer camp agencies to find them awesome new staff members for the season. Agencies:

Find The Right Summer Camp Fit For You

Agencies have access to camps across each country they work in, so they'll make sure you're placed at a camp that will suit your skills, experience, and personality. This means you have access to hundreds, or even thousands, of jobs that suit you.

Provide a 24/7 Support System

Potentially the most important factor for any work and traveller, summer camp agencies provide 24/7 in-country support while you're overseas. Established agencies will have offices in the country they're sending you to, so they'll be there for you if anything happens at Immigration when you're trying to enter the country, or if you encounter any challenges or need any support at camp. The unequalled level of support makes summer camp jobs abroad one of the safest work and travel options.

Visa Sponsorship and Assistance

To work at summer camp in America (the most popular summer camp destination) you're required to have a J1 visa. The only way to get one of these is to go through a sponsor. Agencies either sponsor you directly or work closely with sponsors in the USA to provide you with the visa. Important to note is there's no difference between an agency who is a sponsor or works with one. In other countries around the world the visa process works a little differently but in most cases you will need some kind of visa or work permit to work at a summer camp abroad.

Meet People Before You Go

A good summer camp agency will provide access to moderated social platforms. Helpful past participants are often active in these groups, so you'll be able to ask them about any questions you have. Social media is also a great way to make friends before camp, as you'll find other people going to the same place you are. Each year, participants get a head start on camp by meeting new friends, and planning after-camp travel and weekend excursions together.

Included Flights

Many summer camp agencies such as Camp Leaders offer a flights included package which takes away the hassle of having to book flights separately. It also gives you security of knowing exactly how much your summer will cost. When booking your own flights sometimes you can find a slightly better deal if you book early but if you get a job at a camp on the west coast late in the season you can be left paying for a very expensive flight.

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