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About Summer Jobs Abroad

Getting a summer job abroad is a great way to see the world in a new light, because it'll probably be a lot sunnier where you land. It's flexible, too - you'll work for a season, and you can decide to travel after if you'd like.

Tight on time? Take a mini gap year in the heat of the summer. Don't forget the sunscreen.

What to Expect from Summer Jobs Abroad

Work Type: Varied
Destinations: Worldwide
Age Requirement: 18+
Accommodation Provided: Most Programs
Working Season: Summer (Longer If Preferred)
Flexible Timeframe: Yes (Minimum 8 weeks)
Types of Summer Jobs Abroad

If you want an authentic work and travel experience, don't get caught in the rain - head somewhere warm for the summer.

"Gap Year Lite" summer jobs are an opportunity for a work and travel trial run, to find out what living and working in a particular destination is like. There's a wide range of summer jobs abroad for students, graduates, and even professionals - you can choose which one will work for you, based on your interests.

One of the most popular and in-demand summer work abroad opportunities is at summer camp - typically run for 8 weeks, it fits right into a school schedule, and offers something for everyone. Others include volunteer, TEFL, Au Pair, & resort work positions.

Work and Play, on Your Schedule.

In the current "experience economy", travel experiences are a more sought-after commodity than ever.

The "work hard, play hard" mindset is a staple of the modern world. Summer jobs abroad are the ultimate work hard play hard opportunities. The heat of the summer sun will melt the invisible line between work and play - it might be the most fun you'll ever get paid to have.

Summer jobs abroad work with almost any schedule. You'll head off for a pre-defined period of time, finance your travel experiences with your pay, and drive off into the sunset before the clock strikes midnight on summer.

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Benefits of Working at a Summer Job Abroad

Summer work and travel, made easy.

Chances are, if you're thinking about a summer job, you've got a busy schedule right now. The beauty of a summer work abroad arrangement is that you'll know exactly where you're going, for exactly how long.

It fits in with your schedule, so you can focus on your other responsibilities until you're able to switch gears into summer mode as soon as you arrive at the airport.

Many summer work abroad programs will provide travel necessities such as flights, accommodations, and food, as well as access to social platforms where you can meet other travellers before the summer starts.

Summer Work Abroad Opportunities

Summer jobs abroad are the best way to work and play across the globe for a season, earn money for travel, and get right back into your routine once the fun is over.

It's exactly like a gap year - it just comes in a smaller sample size.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I apply for the program and is there a deadline?

Easy answer – now! Applying early gives you the maximum choice of camps with which we work and it is easier for us to accommodate preferences. However, we accept applications until May when all summer positions have been filled for the season.

Note: Your summer camp placement is guaranteed if you have paid your deposit and you have been officially accepted into the program.

I have experience teaching kayaking (example), but no official qualification. Can I still apply?

Yes! With most activities, qualifications are a great bonus but not essential. Don’t underestimate your personal experiences. Remember, you are teaching kids – not experts. Practical experience working with groups of children and enthusiasm are more important than a certification.

Will I get time off?

Yes. Your time off will depend on the camp you work at and the position you hold at camp. Most camps provide a 24 hour block of time off each week to every staff. Other camps provide 2-4 days off in a row every few weeks.

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