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Camp Canada®

The Summer Camp Canada Experience

Summer camp is an ideal way to work in Canada. If you're looking for more than a holiday, a summer job with accommodation provided can help you explore for the whole season. If you're interested in heading to summer camp in Canada, here's what you need to know.

Working at a Summer Camp in Canada

You'll have the summer of a lifetime, and make a big impact by helping campers have the summer of theirs, too. You’ll spend most of your time hanging out by the water, leading campers in fun activities, or sitting around a campfire - and you’ll be getting paid to do it.

Campers range in age and ability, so camps like to hire equally diverse people - including international staff. Camps have a variety of needs, so they’re likely looking for someone with your skills and abilities, especially if you’re willing to work with children. Most staff are hired for 8 - 10 weeks, and paid a minimum of $1000+ CAD for that period.

It's all smooth sailing - Camp Canada helps you make sure that you're ready to work in Canada for the summer. The checklist below includes just some of the things that are included.

Travel Canada

Canadian summer camps are ideally located near some of the most iconic landmarks in the country, so wherever you work in Canada, you’ll get to see some breathtaking views. From the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia, across to the mountains of Alberta and British Columbia, you’ll experience a land like no other.

Even on the hottest days, this summer will be no sweat. Working at summer camp in Canada is an ideal way to experience the rugged beauty of Canada over a whole summer season. Get paid to hang out with campers in the great outdoors, and stay longer if you’re not done exploring!

It’s more than a vacation, even though it might feel like one. Hundreds of summer camps across the country attract plenty of campers, so camp directors are always looking to hire fun and friendly staff.

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What's Included with Camp Canada
Food & accommodation at camp
Airport travel assistance
Free accommodation in arrival (up to two nights if required by camp)
10 week comprehensive health insurance
24/7 in-country support from an award-winning team of camp experts
No visa (save $250 CAD)
Easy application process
Opportunity to travel after camp
Free Canadian bank account and social insurance number assistance
Transport from your host city to camp

Summer Camp Jobs in Canada

Camp staff are the heart and soul of summer camp. Without them, camps couldn’t function. They make sure everyone is happy, safe, and content, and keep the summer humming along smoothly.

There are lots of different roles if you want to work in Canada, so there’s sure to be one that fits you like a pair of worn-in Birkenstocks. Whether you’re interested in a role as a general counselor, activity specialist, or support staff, you’ll have a blast this summer.

General Counselor: the shapeshifter

Camp Counselors are fearless leaders who can play different roles as needed.

Different campers might need a wise older sibling, someone to help them break out of their shell, or just a friend to play with. It’s your job to take them under your wing and help them have a summer to remember. You’ll guide a small group of 6-12 campers through their day, from breakfast to the evening campfire, so you’ll grow some truly unique relationships with your campers and fellow staff. If you’re friendly, responsible, and can join in on the fun, you’ll be perfect for a role as a general counselor.

Qualifications: There's no need for qualifications for this role.

Activity Specialist: the standout

This one’s for the artists, the athletes, and the explorers.

If there’s an activity that gets you out of bed in the morning, and you want to share your skills with others, this role is for you. With hundreds of Canadian summer camps, activities range from pottery, to archery, to canoe tripping - and everything in between. As a wise person once said, “do what you love, and you won’t have to work a day this summer.”

Camps are always looking for counselors with interesting talents, so you’re all but guaranteed to find a camp that suits you. If you can bring passion and energy to your role, and help others learn new skills, you’ll be a great activity specialist. As the go-to person for your activity, you decide how and what you want to teach. The activity sessions at your station will be an hour each, with 5 a day being typical. The rest of the time, you can join in on other sessions, and hang out with groups of counselors and campers as they go through their day.

Qualifications: Activity specialist qualifications are role-specific, but most only require a good background in your chosen activity. Make sure to fill out the skills section of your application, so we can find the perfect role for you this summer.

Special Needs Counselors - the summer superhero

If you’re interested in making a big impact, this one’s for you. Camp is the highlight of the year for many special needs campers, and it just might be yours, too. Great special needs counselors are kind and caring, with lots of patience. If you’re open to providing support, whether emotional or physical, you’ll be a welcome addition to a special needs camp this summer. Most of the daily activities are exactly the same as at traditional camps, and it’s amazing to see campers push themselves to give new things a try.

Both you and the campers will have tons of support, as special needs campers require specialised attention. The counselor-camper ratio is higher at these camps, often at 1:1 or 1:2. The nature of the work, and the additional time spent together, creates a close-knit group of staff that tend to stay in touch, even after the summer ends. You can state your level of comfort in your application, and you’ll have full training for your role before camp. This may sound like the most challenging role at camp, but the hardest part of the summer is saying goodbye.

Qualifications: There's no need for qualifications for this role.

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Canadian Summer Camp Types

These camp types provide lots of different opportunities to work in Canada for foreigners. Choose your adventure, and lock down one of the best summer camp jobs in Canada.


These camps are a Canadian classic - log cabins, colour wars, and campfires, all set against the incredible Canadian wilderness. Activities at traditional camps range from arts and crafts to exploring the great outdoors. There’s something for everyone, so you’re sure to feel right at home.


This one really puts the “camp” in summer camp. You’ll spend lots of time in the great outdoors, often in remote areas. Activities include hiking, climbing, and learning about wilderness survival. It's the ultimate outdoor adventure. It’s easy to unwind when you’re canoeing down a river, or sleeping under the stars. You’ll develop your wilderness skills, and get to teach them to kids while on outdoor excursions.


These camps are typically operated by Christian or Jewish-based organizations, but you don’t need to be religious to work in these camps. There’s a wide range of activities, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find any major differences from traditional camps.

Special Needs

If you’re looking to make a big impact, this is the role for you. The camps range as much as the campers. Whether you’re providing support for campers with physical, behavioural, or developmental limitations, you’ll enable campers to try new things that they might not have been able to do without you.

Underprivileged background

The same as traditional camps, but with an added feel-good bonus. These camps are coordinated by non-profit organizations, for kids from underprivileged backgrounds who may not otherwise have a chance to go to camp. They’re often provided with free or low-cost program fees.

What to Expect

You’ll have the summer of a lifetime at Camp Canada, but you’ll want to know exactly what you’re paying for. Here’s a handy chart that outlines everything you’ll need to know if you want to work in Canada:

What's Included
  • Summer Camp Placement
  • Minimum of $1000 CAD spending money
  • Support with Canadian work permit
  • 10 weeks of health insurance
  • Free accommodation in arrival city (up to 2 nights if required by camp)
  • Orientation (in your arrival city or virtual)
  • Free Canadian bank account
  • Social Insurance Number assistance
  • Arrival travel assistance
  • Transport from your host city to camp
  • Room and board at camp
  • Support extending your stay after camp as a visitor
  • 24 hour emergency support whilst in Canada
Additional fees
  • Flights
  • Electronic Travel Authorisation fee ($7)
  • Biometrics fee - paid for at port of entry to Canada $85 CAD (valid for 10 years)
  • Medical background check
  • Criminal background check (for UK applicants, we require an ICPC)
  • ‘Although very uncommon, the officer at the port of entry in Canada may charge a fee of $155. This impacts less than 10% of participants and may be refunded by your camp.’ (To match website)

Our Working Holiday in Canada doesn't require an IEC Visa.

Why Camp Canada?

Camp Canada was born from a love of the Canadian summer. The company’s founder, Jonathan Nyquist, spent his summers in Ontario at Camp Katonim and Camp Winnebagoe.

Jonathan later attended Camp White Pine, where his experiences inspired him to start working as a camp counselor. He was so passionate about camp that he continued to work at White Pine during his summers off from university.After a few seasons as a returning counselor, he noticed how much of a scramble it was for camps to hire staff every year.

Wanting to help make getting to camp easier, Jonathan decided to start Nyquest. Soon, he realized just how many people wanted to go to camp in Canada, and he’s never looked back. Jonathan was first on the scene, and the original Camp Canada has stayed ahead of the curve since 2005.

Today, Nyquest and Smaller Earth, armed with the same camp-inspired spirit, have combined to make Camp Canada the ultimate summer camp experience.

Camp Canada’s staff is made up of world travellers, as well as former campers and counselors. Their customer service is second to none, because they know what it’s like to be in your shoes. They’ve asked the same questions, had the same worries, and gone to the same camps, so they can help you all the way through the summer.

Camp Canada is the only organization with offices in both Canada and the UK, so you’ll have full support whether you’re at home or abroad. You’ll likely even meet some Team Canada members (including Jonathan) in person, as many of the staff still go back to work or visit at camp in the summer.

One more reason to go to Camp Canada: as a participant, you’re visa exempt.

Camp Canada FAQ's

Where are the summer camps in Canada?

We work with camps across the whole of Canada, however, most of the camps that we work with are located in Ontario. We also have camps across the likes of Quebec, British Columbia and Alberta.

Can I be placed with a friend?

Summer camps require specific skill sets are personalities, so they choose who they need and who will be the best fit for their campers. As such, we can’t place friends or couples together, however, you could go to one of the Camp Canada job fairs, where you could speak to Camp Directors directly as a pair and see what potential there is.

Are flights included?

Flights are not included, but our team will happily help you find the best deal. All of Camp Canada’s staff are visa exempt, meaning you can work in Canada with just a work permit. That means you’ll save a lot of money on visa costs and avoid trips for appointments.

How much will I be paid for working a summer camp in Canada?

When you work with Camp Canada, you’ll also earn money to live and travel with. Every staff member will earn at least $1000 for their time at camp.

How does the visa work?

Instead of an International Experience Canada (IEC) visa, the government grants a work permit to international summer camp counsellors - all you need to work in Canada is to have a fixed-length job offer (so this is where the Camp Canada team comes in).

There are many more work permits available and much easier to get. There’s no cap on the number of work permits, which takes the stress out of sorting one. You’ll also supply your biometrics (fingerprints and photo) at the border, so don’t even need to travel to a Visa Application Centre (or have proof of funds).

You can even extend your stay if you wish to work in Canada and explore for up to 6 months after your work permit expires.

Where/how can I travel after summer camp?

Wherever (and however) you like!

Canada is a picturesque country, which you’ll discover during your time at camp, but you’ll also have loads of time after to explore with your new best mates.

Domestic flights are cheap and there are nationwide links by Greyhound bus.

How old are staff that work at summer camp in Canada?

We have staff ranging between the work permit limit of 18-30, however, we can also take on participants between 31-33 if they have a working holiday visa.

How do I sign up?

You can simply hit 'Get Started' below, and you can begin entering your info to start.

What are the next steps/how do you support me through the process?

We have a team who eat, live and breathe Canada, from Canadians to those who have spent many summers at camp. If you have absolutely any questions, you’ve got the right team around you to support you.

Applications are now open for next summer, so click “Get Started” to begin your summer of a lifetime.

From here, you'll be able to chat to one of the team about your application/options and once you have paid your deposit, you can then move on to your Interview stage.

Does it include health insurance?

Camp Canada organizes and pays for up to 10 weeks of health insurance while you're in Canada. This insurance also covers trips to the USA which last for less than 30 days. You can extend your health insurance for $2.85 CAD per day.

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