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Outdoor Jobs Abroad

Summer camp counselor working on the lake.

Outdoor Jobs Guide

Get outdoors and get active.

For those of you who aspire to work out in the fresh air, just any job won't cut it.

Embracing nature and working outdoors is the ultimate adventure job. If you're someone who has a zest for life, limitless energy and a determination to work hard, then you can kick start your outdoor career. Connecting with the natural environment around you is a refreshing chance to switch up your routine and experience a different approach to working life.

From rock climbing to wakeboarding, it's time to live your passion.

Working an adventure job outdoors means work isn't work. Sunrises and sunsets become your 9-5, with lakes and forests replace the office. If a leisurely country stroll to your outdoor job sounds more pleasant then a traffic jam-filled commute, then you're in the right place.

Following an outdoor career can take you down an incredible number of roles.

Nature is without limit. If you've got a hobby, there's a role for it. Outdoor instructor jobs in the fields such as watersports, rock-climbing, sailing, archery and so much more are all readily available. Those looking for outdoor education jobs, where you can teach sport, lead camping expeditions and instruct on outdoor cooking amongst others, will find exactly what they want at summer camp.

From outdoor hobbies to active jobs, the world is your playground.

Those with or without experience are welcome and are able to use an adventure job as a key piece of experience. Many go on to gain a further outdoor instructor job or outdoor adventure job after summer camp, so you really can be the architect of your own outdoor career.

Work Type: Outdoors
Food Provided: Yes
Age Requirement: 18+
Accommodation Provided: Yes
Destinations: Worldwide
Timeframe: Summer

Frequently Asked Outdoor Job Questions

What jobs involve being outdoors?

Summer camp has one of the biggest selection of outdoor jobs anywhere in the world.

From major sports, through to niche activities, summer camps across America, Canada and China are all searching for specialist superstars who are looking for adventure jobs abroad.

If you have an outdoor hobby, it will be available in a role. You don't even need to have a formal background or education in a similar role, as summer camps are looking for the right candidates who are passionate in their activity and are determined to learn. Not only will you get an outdoor job in something you love, but you will leave with full training and experience, which you can take on to further your outdoor career.

What is an outdoor instructor?

Outdoor instructors help lead, teach and instruct people through activities.

It can span a whole array of areas, from sports through to outdoor cooking, with the main aim to ensure that the people they look after have fun, learn and are safe.

They'll have a passion for the outdoor job they are in and will translate that passion and energy to the campers. Outdoor instructors have a huge influence on the campers enjoyment of the outdoor activity and could have a massive affect on whether they take up or continue with it after summer camp.

Do I need to have experience for an outdoor job?

Experience in a similar role is beneficial, but not essential.

The main thing we're looking for is passionate, energetic and driven people, who are looking to learn.

You will, however, have to have a passion and interest in your chosen activity. Being involved in it as a hobby or a pastime is important, as you'll have to pass over your energy for it to the campers.

When you arrive at camp, you'll have a full training period, where you'll get more thoroughly involved in the activity. Here, the summer camp can make sure you get up to a certain standard, through practice, practice, practice!

You'll also gain relevant qualifications and advice from your team leaders on how to instruct, so you can go from 0-100 real quickly!

Can my adventure job lead on to on outdoor career?

Definitely yes!

By working an adventurous job such as being an outdoor instructor at summer camp, you're gaining vital skills and experience in within an industry you love.

You'll be gaining key qualifications, whether that be in health and safety or in technical proficiency, alongside valuable, real-life experience.

These things you're able to take on to your next active job and really start building your outdoor career.

How do I get a job working in nature?

Smaller Earth is the home of meaningful travel and has been sending thousands of participants on work and travel placements worldwide every year for 20 years.

We know the process inside out and have built extensive relationships with employers around the world.

Through this, we've been able to make an easy, streamlined application process, to take you from interested to internationally working!

With dedicated teams for America, Canada and China, all of which have traveled and worked in these countries, we can answer absolutely any questions you may have. We can help you with your application to ensure that we make you stand out to summer camps and to land you that dream role.

What Types of Outdoors Jobs Are There?

With there being so many adventurous hobbies out there available, you'll be sure to find outdoor adventure jobs to suit any need. Experience in being active and having an outdoor hobby will mean you'll be able to transmit that energy to the campers you look after.

Below is just a small selection of outdoor adventure jobs that can lead on to an exciting outdoor adventure career in the industry. There are also loads of others, so just contact us to find out if your chosen outdoor adventure job is available!

Outdoor Instructor Jobs

Outdoor instructor jobs focus on specific outdoor activities, which require some superstar specialists to lead. If you've had an outdoor hobby growing up, you could be perfect to take it up as an adventure job and pass on the right technical skills, in a safe manner.

  • Wakeboard Instructor
  • High Ropes/Rock Climbing Instructor
  • Horse Riding Instructor
  • Sailing Instructor
  • Skateboarding Instructor
  • Kayaking Instructor
Outdoor Education Jobs

For those who love being in nature, outdoor education jobs allow you to share that passion for the environment in an adventurous role. Exploring is part of us all, so outdoor education jobs can be found in so many different areas.

  • Camping Specialist
  • Outdoor Cooking Specialist
  • Hiking Specialist
  • Mountaineering Specialist
  • Photography Specialist
  • Orienteering Specialist
Sports Coaching Jobs

We've all grown up playing or watching sport, so what's better than using your passion for it by helping the next generation of kids get into your chosen sport? It's an active job which will allow you to work outside all week.

  • Football Coach
  • Netball Coach
  • Tennis Coach
  • Golf Coach
  • Gymnastics Coach
  • Basketball Coach
Other Outdoor Jobs

Outdoor jobs span a huge range of areas and some of these outdoor adventure jobs are the ones that can be the most popular. If you've ever had an outdoor hobby that you never thought you could be paid for in an outdoor adventure role; think again!

  • Archery Specialist
  • Circus/Magic Specialist
  • Drone Expert
  • Performing Arts Specialist
  • Yoga Specialist
  • Fencing Specialist
Working in an outdoor adventure job is the most rewarding thing you can do, as the video shows.

What Are the Benefits of Outdoor Jobs?

Connect with nature and unplug

In our technologically enhanced world, we find ourselves inside and online more than we do outside and offline. Being outdoors allows you to be active amongst the environment, getting fresh air instead of recycled air. You can trade the library for the lake, or the front room for the forest. This natural environment will show you a change is as good as a rest.


Whether work or study, there's a lot of stresses on your shoulders at home. Whether you're constantly hunched over a computer or dealing with pressure in your current job role, working outdoors allows you to stretch both your body and your mind.

Enjoy the summer weather

Have a summer of a lifetime by being outdoors in the summer heat. Nothing beats getting up to a warm morning with blue skies, knowing you'll be able to soak the rays up as part of your job. Winding down at the end of the day to a sunset is the best 'clocking out' in the world.

Keep fit and healthy

Summer camp will require you to work hard and being in an outdoor job will get you moving. It's physical work and the time flies whilst you're having fun (and being active!). You'll get away from sitting in the office chair or slouching in university, you'll be up and about, using your positive energy to make an impact for campers.

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