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Adventure China

The Summer Camp Experience in China

Experience an ancient culture in a whole new way. A Chinese summer camp is guaranteed to be an incredible adventure, whether you're a travel veteran looking for something different, or you're aiming to check off the first item on your bucket list.

Summer camp in China is the only cultural exchange experience of it's kind.

Working at Summer Camp in China

From the bustling cities of Beijing and Shanghai, to the beautiful backdrop of Qian Dao Lake, Adventure China works with summer camps all over the country. You'll spend a minimum of 8 adventure-packed weeks in view of these spectacular sights, and hanging out with awesome campers.

Explore ancient history, with an eye toward your future. No bachelor's degree or professional teaching qualifications needed - summer camp is a great way to teach English in China without a TEFL certification. Many of the children who attend summer camps are likely to be familiar with some basic English words and phrases, and keen to learn more. Your role will be to provide a safe and fun environment where the children can learn and develop through games and activities.

By building great relationships, you’ll become someone the children admire and look up to. Working in China at a summer camp is an experience like no other, presenting opportunities for personal growth from the moment you arrive. You’ll become a more confident, adaptable, and well-rounded person - if you’re looking for an incredible way to live and work in China, summer camp is a perfect opportunity.

Travel China

You'll have plenty to explore during your time off. Summer camps in China are located in idyllic places, sometimes even in the heart of vibrant Chinese cities, with full access to the natural wonders of the great outdoors. Many camps often arrange excursions for staff to enjoy local towns and other attractions.

If you’re not done exploring when camp comes to an end, the fun doesn't have to stop there. You won't struggle to find a travel buddy - you'll grow close to your fellow counselors at camp, and set off together after camp to share some more life-changing memories. You'll have around 30 days left on your visa, so why not spend some time being awed by some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world and visiting world-famous landmarks with your new friends?

China is full of unexpected surprises. It's one of the most well-documented civilizations in history, and the most-populated country in the world. It's also the third most biodiverse - China is home to incredible and varied wildlife habitats that are worth appreciating and protecting. Travellers to China are challenged to examine our planet in a whole new way, and emerge with a much richer experience of the world.

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Following Foreign Office advice regarding travel to China, please read our Smaller Earth statement on the current situation.
What's Included With Adventure China
Easy return flights
Airport transfer
Food and accommodation at camp
90 days medical insurance
Visa assistance and sponsorship
Pre-departure and orientation weekend
24 hour support whilst in China from an award winning team of travel experts
Opportunity to travel after camp

Summer Camp Jobs in China

Forget what you think you know - Chinese summer camps are more diverse than any other summer camp around the world. Working at a summer camp in China is all about being spontaneous, energetic and enthusiastic!

Summer camps in China aren't as refined as traditional camps in North America, which leaves lots of room for creativity. You can rely on classic games like tag, cat and mouse or bulldog, or think on your feet and conjure up something completely new to keep your campers entertained.

Camp Counselor: the student

Love coaching children? Then the Camp Counselor role is perfect for you.

Summer camp in China allows children to try new skills, flourish in ways they couldn't have imagined and, simply, just be kids. As a camp counselor, you'll be assigned a small group of campers and have the responsibility to make sure that each child has an incredible summer (whilst making memories for yourself along the way)! From morning wake up call to lights out, you'll be supervising your campers, keeping them engaged with activities and upholding a safe environment from which the children can thrive.

Whilst at a summer camp in China, you will be encouraged to teach the campers new words and phrases. Often this will be through games and activities aimed around helping to improve their English language skills - which can feel incredibly rewarding. You will be working alongside both English and Chinese staff, making some truly unique relationships with your campers and fellow staff and maybe you'll even pick up some Chinese phrases along the way.

Qualifications: There's no need for qualifications for this role.

Leadership: the master

To ensure that the summer runs smoothly, Chinese summer camps need a Leadership team.

The primary responsibility of the Leadership team is to make sure that the staff at camp are equipped with the ability to perform their role to the highest standard. Leadership duties can include performing risk assessments, ensuring all staff take their necessary breaks, and leading meetings to boost morale and give out staff appraisals. The Leadership team must adequately deal with any problems that may arise in order to look after the smooth running of camp.

To be on the Leadership team you must be highly energetic and passionate about camp. A great leader takes a fair and professional approach to every duty that they're tasked with, demonstrating good people management skills throughout. They have an in-depth understanding of safeguarding and health and safety, allowing them to become a perfect role model to camp staff and campers alike.

Qualifications: To be on the Leadership team you should have great knowledge of the summer camp program. Make sure that you include any previous leadership experience in your application so we can match you to the role at camp that is perfect for you.

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Chinese Summer Camp Types

Activities at Chinese summer camps will differ by camp, but they're all delivered in English. Summer Camp in China offer outstanding experiences to their campers by encouraging the children to develop their language skills, and heavily leaning toward outdoor play. Many activities draw inspiration from western culture, giving the campers a taste of something different, too.

Summer camps in China are a next-level adventure, because it's a completely different experience than you might find anywhere else in the world. Summer camp in China is still a relatively new phenomenon, so the camp types are less clearly defined. This means that there's a lot more freedom to let loose, be creative, and make things up as you go.

You will have the chance to lead activities at summer camp in China that you’re passionate about - whether that's football, yoga, baking, arts and crafts, or another activity altogether. You'll inspire your campers by encouraging them to practice their English and take part in camp games, which is incredibly rewarding, and most of all, fun.

It's easy to promote a healthy and active lifestyle when you're in view of China's incredible landscape. It serves as the backdrop for the Adventure China summer camps, so a lot of time is spent in the great outdoors. You'll be inspired to connect with nature, and have incredible case studies to rely on if you want to teach the campers about topics like ecology.

The number one rule: have fun. Attending summer camp in China is intended to be a very enjoyable time for campers - a place away from their school, family, and daily routine, where they can be themselves and create incredible, long-lasting memories. Your job is to do your best to help this happen - and to have a great time at camp yourself.

One thing is for sure - every day will bring you unique and bizarre adventures. You'll have a unique and undeniably interesting travel experience under your belt, from summer camp in China and beyond. By the time you arrive home, you won't be short of interesting stories to tell your mates.

What to Expect from Summer Camp in China

Summer camp in China will feel like a mystery until you've been there and done that. What doesn't have to be a mystery is knowing exactly what you’re paying for.

This chart will tell you everything you need to know about summer camp China:

What's Included

  • Easy return flights & airport transfer
  • Summer camp placement in China
  • Food & accommodation at camp
  • Up to 90 days medical insurance
  • Visa assistance & award winning customer service
  • Full preparation & guidance throughout
  • 24 hour support while in China
  • Opportunity to travel after camp
  • Receive a minimum of £300 at the end of camp

Additional fees

  • Advanced police check - £60
  • Medical check - (varies based on GP)
  • Visa - Minimum of £151 (plus travel cost of at least one trip to Manchester or Edinburgh)

Why Adventure China?

Adventure China is a grassroots program that's operated by passionate world travellers who have been enriched by Chinese culture. Adventure China's experts love to share their favourite travel destinations, and they'll have lots of recommendations. They'll help you discover some of the most incredible landscapes, cities and buildings in the world.

Each member of the Adventure China team has lived and worked at summer camp in China themselves, so they're armed with a wealth of knowledge to make sure you'll be ready for any challenges you might face. They'll set you up to succeed, just like they did. Their own travel experiences in China allow them to answer any questions you might have from personal experience.

Team member Oliver Norris, who lived in China for 4 years, is passionate about the team's mission, as quoted in The Guardian, of offering "an authentic travel experience; one that offers an additional level of challenge and a contrast to the regular gap year routine". The program has grown considerably and now works with camps in even more locations across China.

From the other side of the world, China might feel like a distant and ancient land - hard to reach and even harder to understand. If you're looking to explore an ancient culture that's very different from your own, a program like Adventure China, with a friendly, knowledgeable team, provides the easiest and safest way to do so.

Adventure China guarantees that you'll have a highly reputable, award-winning support network behind you on your journey, from start to finish. The Adventure China offices, located in the U.K. and in Hang Zhou, China, offer 24/7 in-country support, and you'll likely even see an Adventure China team member visiting your camp in the summer, as they'll each drop in to see how camp is going.

The team will be with you every step of the way - the team will help you to get placed at a summer camp in China, and they'll help you get fully prepared before you leave. You'll attend language and culture lessons, as well as pre-departure socials and training days before you leave for camp. Because travelling can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be.

Adventure China FAQ's

Where are the summer camps in China?

We work with numerous camps across some of the most incredible locations in China. These include:

  • East China: Shanghai, Qingdao & Ningbo
  • North East China: Beijing, Harbin, Dandong & Changbai Mountains
  • South China: Guangzhou, Kunming, Hong Kong, Hainan
What Chinese summer camps roles are available?

There are so many types of roles available at summer camp in China.

As a camp trainer, you’ll be teaching the children set activities based on your background. There are loads of activities available, both indoors and outdoors, so speak to the Adventure China team about what you could do in the summer.

Do I need to speak Chinese?


Adventure China is an English speaking program, so all we require is that you have a good level of English. You’ll be speaking at English throughout camp, as camps love to hire international staff, which helps their Chinese campers improve their English.

It certainly doesn’t harm you to know some Chinese, so brushing up on a few phrases, or using a translation app, can help you on your way.

Do I need a visa for summer camp in China?

In short, yes you will need a visa.

It can prove to be a little confusing on your own, that’s why the Adventure China team are there every step of the way, to provide you with personal guidance on getting your Chinese visa sorted.

Can I travel around China after summer camp?

Of course - which will no doubt be with brand new friends you’ve made at summer camp.

Your Chinese visa will give you 90 days from the date of entry, which gives you roughly 4 weeks after camp to travel.

How do you prepare me for my time in China?

There are a number of different things that the team will do to ensure you’re fully ready for your adventure of a lifetime to China.

All of the team have spent time living in China, so you’ll have one-to-one support from people who have really “been there and done it”.

Throughout the application process, you’ll be helped through each stage, ensuring you have the right information and guidance to be successful in each area. This includes documents, phone calls and prep for the next stage.

There are also in-depth prep days at numerous locations, where you’ll spend a full day and evening getting to know the team, your fellow colleagues and absolutely everything you need to know about your summer away in China.

What is the accommodation like at summer camp in China?

The fantastic thing about summer camp in China is that it can be so different depending on where you’re placed.

You’ll be informed of your accommodation option well in advance, but it can vary from staff only rooms to a hotel-style layout. Most tend to be in dorm-style layouts, so you’ll have loads of time to get to know your fellow workers.

What is the food like?

When you eat, you’ll get to sit amongst the campers and your fellow workers, which gives the whole experience a real close-knit, family feel.

It’s normally a buffet-style selection, of incredible Chinese food, such as stir-fry vegetables, fried prawns, dumplings, soups and more.

Can the campers speak English?

Most of the campers will speak English - it’s highly valued and it’s one of the reasons why parents will send their kids to an international style summer camp; to help improve their English. They will all have a varying level of English, but all will be able to follow basic English commands.

You’ll also be paired up with a Chinese counsellor, who can speak fluent Chinese and English, who will be able to relay messages back and forth as required.

Do I need qualifications to work at a summer camp in China?

You don’t need any formal qualifications to work at a summer camp, although they do add a lot to your application.

A strong passion or hobby can make all the difference in securing a role. If you had experience teaching, leading or being part of a certain activity, it could mean you could be the next superstar camp counsellor!

When you get to camp, you’ll be provided with loads of training to make sure you’re up to the required speed for the role.

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