Further your hospitality career in the U.S.

Intern at a world-class resort for the summer, experiencing American culture, and building friendships beyond borders.
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Resort Internships in America Overview


6-12 months

Age requirement


Pocket money




Resort Internships in America by Resort Leaders.

Resort Leaders is a cultural exchange program designed to help young people work abroad, gain real-world industry experience, and have the adventure of a lifetime.

They work with over 50 world-class resorts across America that offer high-quality, paid, hospitality resort internships in America across 3 key departments, meaning there's a role for everyone.

By working abroad at a world-class resort for 6-12 months, you'll experience American culture, develop key professional skills, and build friendships beyond borders that will last forever.


+ USD $3000 paid while in U.S.
6-12 month paid resort internship placement
Earn American hourly wages plus added tips where appropriate
Return flights to the U.S.
Pre-arranged housing
Visa sponsorship and assistance
90 days of health insurance
24/7 U.S. emergency line
Up to 30 days to travel after your resort internship
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Additional Fees
U.S. Visa Application (MRV) Fee - $185 USD (Paid to U.S. Embassy)
Housing Costs - $150-250 per week on average, depending on location
Health Insurance - $2.45 (Basic) $2.95 (Upgraded) per day, for every day over 90 days
Flexible payment plans to suit you, at no extra cost.

To make it affordable and accessible, Resort Leaders have broken the price down into easy payment plans.

Part of your plan is paid before you depart; the rest is then paid after you arrive in the US and start earning your salary.

£499: Before departure. Divided into 4 instalments.

  • Payment 1: £49
  • Payment 2: £50
  • Payment 3: £200
  • Payment 4: £200

$3000: While in the US. Divided into 4 instalments.

  • Payment 1: $750
  • Payment 2: $750
  • Payment 3: $750
  • Payment 4: $750

These instalments are also flexible, so please speak to Resort Leaders directly to find a solution that works for you.

How it Works

1. Apply online 💻

Simply hit the 'Apply now' button to get started with your Resort Leaders application.

2. Pay your deposit 💵

Don’t worry, paying is made simple with Resort Leaders. We just need the deposit to begin with to secure your place.

3. Book your interview 🗓️

Our friendly interviewers will have a chat with you and see if you’re the right fit for the program.

4. Complete your application 📄

List your work experience, education, and hospitality skill set and upload all the required documents.

5. Interview with resorts 🏨

Take part in an online interview organised by a resort. Make sure to be prepared and don’t be afraid to be you.

6. Get hired 😁

Once your placement at a resort is confirmed, we’ll confirm your flights, insurance, and other details.

7. Get your visa 😁

Once your placement at a resort is confirmed, we’ll confirm your flights, insurance, and other details.

8. Attend a prep day 🛎️

Take part in a fun and informative session to get you ready for your program.

9. Fly to America 🇺🇸

That’s it! You’re now ready to fly and have the adventure of a lifetime.

Level up your career this summer.

Experience America while you enhance your skillset with a resort internship.
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Will I get time off?

Time off is an important part of experiencing local culture in your own way.

You’ll have guaranteed time off alongside your colleagues to explore the local area, enjoy some downtime, or even contribute to other areas of resort life.

These parts are just as important to rest and recuperate, so there'll be a chance to do it all.

Time off varies depending on your resort and your role, but they will all be confirmed ahead of you starting.

Can I choose a resort?

Part of the service we provide is ensuring that we find the best possible resort for you, based on your skillset and experience.

Resorts set their staffing needs and select candidates based on their skills and availability, which we'll then find great applicants for.

We collaborate with you to enhance your application to appeal to a wide range of employers, increasing your chances of securing the best possible placement options in the United States.

Where will I stay at the resorts and what will my meal options be?

As the resorts are often situated in remote areas, your employer will provide you with accommodation to simplify the process.

You'll be offered good quality sleeping quarters on or near the site, which typically cost between $150 and $250 per week, much cheaper than in towns or cities.

The dining arrangements will then depend on the resort, but there'll be options to ensure you're fully fed for every day.

You may have access to employee cafeterias where meals are provided at a heavily discounted price, with various options available for approximately $1 to $3 per meal.

Dietary requirements will also be accommodated.

Alternatively, your accommodation may feature a communal kitchen for self-cooking, and you'll be responsible for your groceries.


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Jorge E

Dec 2023

It is an invaluable opportunity to open your horizons and develop professionally

Annel C

Dec 2023

Everything was explained to me and all my questions regarding document were answered

Jorge B

Dec 2023

Incredible to work with staff from around the world and learn about their culture.

Paula P

Dec 2023

The program allowed me to develop new skills and get to know myself better.

Denisse F

Dec 2023

The atmosphere allows you to live the American culture and life as it is.

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Resort Leaders helps send young people to work abroad, gain real-world industry experience, and have the adventure of a lifetime.
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