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Welcome to Smaller Earth
Smaller Earth is one of the UK's leading gap year travel providers. We’re proud to send thousands of travellers abroad on life changing ventures each and every year to travel and experience working abroad. Whether you want to volunteer in Africa, take part in an 18-30s group tour, organise your working holiday in Australia or own an epic gap year job abroad in New Zealand or Canada. Take advantage of the broad range of exciting overseas experiences available. Our hand-picked programmes are designed to suit you.
Work & Travel Abroad
Taking on the challenge of working in another country is undoubtedly a big one. At the same time, the buzz of walking into a new workplace for the first time is amplified hugely when coupled with living in a new country! There are several ways you can do seasonal work abroad, depending on the length of time available to you and your budget. If you're a university student thinking about student jobs abroad, consider one of our most popular paid summer jobs abroad by applying to our summer camp in America programme. This allows you to undertake a student travel position with a variety of employers in America between June and September.
Gap Year Travel
A year of travelling and summer work abroad can make all the difference to your CV when you decide to forge a career in your chosen sector. With the recent increase in university fees, more and more individuals are opting for a gap year over an immediate academic experience as they weigh up what they want to do with their life. Naturally, any combination of programmes offered by Smaller Earth will contribute to an incredible Gap Year. At the same time, we understand that you'll want to keep flight costs to a minimum in order to maximise the choices you have when you aren't in the air.